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A Heritage of Art

Analog photography is in my veins.

Given the tools to become creatively fluent, I was raised in galleries, nurtured by artists, and matured within a bohemian world.

Surrounded by creative curiosity, my own father, Will McBride, established his own substantial legacy as a photographer.

My constant companions are Leica and Hasselblad; my work is actively done using analog film.

I see the world through a creative and curious lens. Always inspired by the great photographers of our society. The ones who show our planet’s true nature in their work stand out.

I want to motivate others to step out of their borders and see nature’s beauty first hand.


Working with film instills the romantic notion of photography, freezing a moment in time. I’m drawn to nature, yearning to share the impact the Bavarian countryside left on me in my youth.

That showed me the importance and freedom of nature that we’ve collectively taken for granted too long.

I travel to show these landscapes and bring them closer to others, providing freedom from life’s complications.


The breathtaking landscapes I document are freeing. Our bodies are naturally vessels of emotion, intrigue, and curiosity. Since my childhood, the beauty of our form has been instilled in me being around my father’s studio.

My own work with portraiture pulls those intimate details out from the world we’ve been encapsulated in.

As an artist, I’m motivated to guide us back to taking accountability in our environment and appreciate the natural state of the world we live in.

My Prints

Each of my analog exposures is developed to the highest standards and are available in museum-grade archival prints or hand-pulled silver gelatin.

They are made for you, framed, and showcased in your personal space. A disruptive and complicated life can be balanced with a moment of peace.

The planet is here to be observed and embraced in all its beauty.

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