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Another Pandemic. This is the second Pandemic, after HIV, that I encounter in my life. HIV crushed my adolescence, leaving me behind paralyzed, full of fear while my hormones were bouncing off the wall. My generation took on an enemy that had the ability to enter your bloodstream during sex and kill you.  As I’m writing this today, 40 years later, 1.8 Million People worldwide have died from Covid-19 and 82 Million infected just in 8 months. 

Our Earth is dying and it will continue doing so if we go on robbing it of its resources and don’t stop defacing its beauty. 

In only 240 years, since the onset of the industrial revolution, humans have massively altered the composite of an entire planet, poisoned the air, contaminated oceans. Plant and animal life in the fast lane to annihilation. Co2-levels are so high our delicate atmosphere is growing hotter, year after year. A conveyor belt of greed and ignorance marks our destiny, and ‌after the Covid-crisis is over, it will be difficult for society not to plunge back into established habits.

Six months ago this existence of human reality was spinning like a hamster wheel. “Fridays for Future” can’t stop a dying planet because money has higher power than the cry of four million teenagers. 


For the first time in 240 years, the world has come to a halt. Everything shut down. No airplanes, no ocean liners, no trains; Cities empty, businesses closed, people laid off, everyone at home forced to shelter in place to prevent the disease from spreading. Because if it does – it can kill you. 

For the first time in 240 years collectively humankind is re-reevaluating its behavior. Every one of us – all 7.796 billion – forced to sit down and ‌think. 

What does it mean to be human and what does it mean to be alive and what does it mean to live on the most beautiful planet, and what does it mean if planes are not flying and ships are not sailing, and what does it mean that I can not hug my boyfriend or my wife and kids, and what does it mean to social distance and what does it mean to stay at home and lose my work, what does it mean to run out of money, and what does it mean to be part of something unfolding that is bigger than me and, bigger than humankind? 

What does it mean to me? 

Where am I standing in all of this?

It means to wake up! It means to look inside and see which side you want to be on building an unknown future, reevaluating your behavior to help a dying planet, so we can excel as a species. 

“YOU” –  Two photographs by Brian McBride

Starting over and internalizing a higher level of consciousness to manifest change. We can shine as a race. YOU decide!

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