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Off to Goodyville

With flights back in service, I have decided to fly to California in February. Always nice to leave the Berliner winter for a project or two. The pandemic makes traveling a little more challenging.

Three days before take-off, I got tested and took my negative results to the airport. Testing itself is done in a matter of moments and cost about 75 euros per person.

Many check-ins at Frankfurt Airport depend now on everything you can do online and without human contact as possible. I’m all checked in, board card on my LH-app, and a quick glance at my test result were all it took.

No lines. Literally, no lines anymore. The few passengers that are traveling are dispersed among many planes for take-off. My flight to SFO on a Lufthansa A350-900 consisted of not more than 40 individuals and flight crew. No screaming kids and crying babies, no pre-boarding-drunks and other suspicious characters that can turn an 11-hour flight into hell. Frankly, I had rows 29 to 41 all to myself, in any direction. There was so much room I could not decide which row I wanted to lay down. Heaven! The only difference is that you have to dig deeper into your cash bag to pay for flying. I’m not saying it is a bad thing, and I am happy that airlines rethink the necessity of offering flights for € 29.95 roundtrip Berlin-Barcelona. Our planet will start to thank them for it.

I’m joining the artist Michael Dute to assist in various interior design projects and show my own work and add new pictures to my portfolio. There are a couple of sites I will visit and speak of in my next entry.