Launch of “The Photo Shop”

Launch: “The PhotoShop” I’m happy to announce that I have started the McBride-Photo online “PhotoShop.”  For the past three months, I have created design and content and, with this, offering my art online. McBride Photography is a small art business that I started in 1995 as a hobby. And like many things that one loves doing, it is always great to go with it and turn passion into something beautiful: ART. Art that speaks to the collector and the interior designer filling empty walls with phantasies, hope, adventure, or memorie.  While building the website and the shop, I was amazed at how many different artists and photographers showcase their beautiful images—each one of them created their own niche and spoke to their own crowd of admirers and collectors.  How to shoot analog photos? I’m an analog photographer, meaning I shoot film. The exposed film rolls get processed at a studio in Berlin, scanned, and then the negatives or high-res-scans are ready for enlarging. I offer two different types of prints—Digital, printed with museum-grade ink on fiber-based papers in black and white or color. Or, very old school, silver gelatin prints. The latter is made in Berlin by hand in a … there is moreLaunch of “The Photo Shop”

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New adventures

Off to Goodyville With flights back in service, I have decided to fly to California in February. Always nice to leave the Berliner winter for a project or two. The pandemic makes traveling a little more challenging. Three days before take-off, I got tested and took my negative results to the airport. Testing itself is done in a matter of moments and cost about 75 euros per person. Many check-ins at Frankfurt Airport depend now on everything you can do online and without human contact as possible. I’m all checked in, board card on my LH-app, and a quick glance at my test result were all it took. No lines. Literally, no lines anymore. The few passengers that are traveling are dispersed among many planes for take-off. My flight to SFO on a Lufthansa A350-900 consisted of not more than 40 individuals and flight crew. No screaming kids and crying babies, no pre-boarding-drunks and other suspicious characters that can turn an 11-hour flight into hell. Frankly, I had rows 29 to 41 all to myself, in any direction. There was so much room I could not decide which row I wanted to lay down. Heaven! The only difference is that … there is moreNew adventures

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Another Pandemic. This is the second Pandemic, after HIV, that I encounter in my life. HIV crushed my adolescence, leaving me behind paralyzed, full of fear while my hormones were bouncing off the wall. My generation took on an enemy that had the ability to enter your bloodstream during sex and kill you.  As I’m writing this today, 40 years later, 1.8 Million People worldwide have died from Covid-19 and 82 Million infected just in 8 months.  Our Earth is dying and it will continue doing so if we go on robbing it of its resources and don’t stop defacing its beauty.  In only 240 years, since the onset of the industrial revolution, humans have massively altered the composite of an entire planet, poisoned the air, contaminated oceans. Plant and animal life in the fast lane to annihilation. Co2-levels are so high our delicate atmosphere is growing hotter, year after year. A conveyor belt of greed and ignorance marks our destiny, and ‌after the Covid-crisis is over, it will be difficult for society not to plunge back into established habits. Six months ago this existence of human reality was spinning like a hamster wheel. “Fridays for Future” can’t stop a … there is moreYOU

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